What are the 5 common mistakes to avoid in home building

Wednesday, 28th march, 2022| Tags: building, landed

What are the 5 common mistakes to avoid in home building

Isn’t it that having your own house feels rewarding to all the hard work you’ve been through? Whether it’s a good class bungalow, intermediate terrace house, or an apartment, it has a different level of excitement of wanting a place that is yours and will always be there to shelter you.

Building a house may seem to be a huge achievement but tight spots come around during the process. There are a lot of things to consider starting from the house construction cost until the finished product. But, don’t forget the common mistakes in house construction that could lead to a total disaster.

If you’re still about to plan for your future dream house, now is the time to know some mistakes to prevent for your home building experience.

You ignore the qualified home builders

You need to trust people who are qualified and specialized in homebuilding. Without the right contractor to implement your ideas and sentiments, you are starting to waste your time and budget.

There are home building companies like the construction services of PCE Build that you can consult and compare costs. Or you can search online for some reviews, referrals and accomplished house constructions. From there, you’ll be able to select who to trust with your house.

Whoever gives the fairest package deal and good track records wins the project.

You cut costs for substandard materials

Homebuilding is not a playhouse. It requires responsibility from the owner’s state of preferences and budgeting behaviour.

Since you’re starting at a zero stage, you need to make sure that the foundation of your house is reliable. You see the brands, items, and honest quality control from the contractor. Don’t cut the budget if you don’t want a house that may give you countless maintenance issues (e.g. water seepage or wall cracks) after the expiry of the 12-month Defect Liability Period.

You put a little timeline

Do you want to build a house in a rush? Or you can’t wait to get on-trend on social media that you’re finally having your dream house. Here’s what you get when you’re pushing too hard in your home construction process:

  • Disputes on construction tender documents
  • Leakage from windows, roofs, and doors
  • Hollow and cracking sounds on the floors
  • Cracks on non-structural walls
  • Poor installation of drainage may cause a bad environment in your house and flood during light rains
  • You skip the planning process

    Even though you’ve picked the contractor with outstanding performance in real estate and home building, your intervention is also equally important. You don’t need to go on-site day after day. You should request a meeting with all concerned personnel to discuss the scope of work and other related concerns. This way, you and the contractors will have the same understanding of what your desired output will be.

    You don’t take time to research

    Being part of the planning process is essential because it’ll always start with what you want to get at the end of the day. But before stepping in, this would be your role in general. You’ll need to know your contractors, location, accessibility to available resources, convenience, and if your lifestyle fits your proposed house design.

    Build a safe haven!

    These five common mistakes are easy to scratch out if you’re willing to accept the responsibility as an owner. What you don’t want to see in the future won’t come along at all. Therefore, you will save time, money, and too much effort to enjoy living life to the fullest.