How to determine a qualified home and building contractor

Wednesday, 28th march, 2022| Tags: building, landed

How to determine a qualified home and building contractor

In the past, we only hire contractors through flyers, pamphlets, and newspapers. Or we will ask around our family and friends if they are able to recommend some trustworthy home builders. Now, it’s easier to find local builders in Singapore by searching them on Google just like the PCE Building construction as one of the trusted landed rebuild contractors.

Why are contractors putting their businesses online? As far as quality service is concerned, contractors aren’t only after the business side but also on the magic of things. They create your dreams and drawings into reality, a beautifully furnished home and the art of workmanship.

Only a qualified contractor can provide solutions and results to your liking. So take time to read the tips to get the right contractor.

Find accredited and certified contractors

Anyone can claim they are contractors and tend to show off their projects. But be cautious when somebody presented himself as one. Ask his credentials, certifications, and license to operate to authenticate his or her service.

Look for referrals

Referrals are always the most convenient way to buy a product. This time, you are buying a service that’s going to affect the rest of your life. If you have friends who recently had their house built, you can reach out to them and seek their testimonials. It would be better to ask for the website to see their portfolio.

Check the financial capacity

Did you know that there are contractors who ask for cash in advance? Meaning, they want you to pay for their service upfront even without the initial process or to pay for ordered materials. This is a form of contractor fraud that everyone should be fully aware of.

The financial standing of a contractor may seem to be out of the criteria to choose the right home builder. Only the contractors who are open to talking about the finances can secure your property even if you’re after home remodelling contractors like PCE Build.

So, how can you identify that a contractor may seem to be a fraud or lacking in their finances?

  • Use leftover materials from other projects and add to material costs
  • Abrupt decisions on possible changes and charge for another fee
  • Abstain the processing of some of your building or design requirements
  • Create a plan and open for bid

    Now, if you have a final list of contractors, it’s time to know among them the most diligent worker. This will help you to carry out things according to your plan including your budget. It’s either they will offer a set of project cost estimates for you to agree upon or create a plan and let them approve if it’s on their course.


    The simplest way may not be the correct decision in terms of hiring a contractor. At this moment, a lot of people can easily take advantage of your kindness until everything on your budget is gone. Be smart, do research, and ask many questions. Contact PCE Build’s website to help you build your dream home!