What to know about an existing house before a home remodeling?

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What to know about an existing house before a home remodeling?

There are details that you should know before engineering and constructing a house. This is the first step to do especially if you’re planning to buy a Landed property in Singapore aside from setting your budget for future maintenance. It’s risky to not check every corner of an existing house given that you’re aiming for a safer and breathable place to live.

When it comes to home remodelling, the more you shortlist the results you need. If you’re a resale HDB flat buyer, you can’t just live in right away without prior inspection and consultation with home contractors.

One should know the floor area, available spaces to maximize, proper ventilation, emergency exits, deteriorated walls and dull interior design, and other important distinguishing features for a better home lifestyle in Singapore.

Condition of Interior and Exterior Designs

Before you think about the desired overall design, first inspect if the facade of the house was well-maintained by the previous owners. Then, you go inside to see if there are furniture, storage, countertops, as well as proportion and scale that need some handiwork.

You can’t start a makeover without a proper design review of the existing house. You may also find old but useful items for ornamentation and furnishing styles.

Mechanical, Plumbing, Electrical

Consider these three important backbones of house construction as part of its foundation. The engineering of a house makes everything multifunctional. In the case of planning a home renovation, including rewiring, adjustments, and replumbing.

It’s not only about how your house looks but also how it affects your day-to-day hustles. Moreover, make sure that you have access to utility services too.

Privacy, Security, Safety

Your house contractors aim to do their work with safety precautions which in return, your house makes a safer place for you. As far as safety is concerned, your security is a priority especially if you’re a new resident. It’s better to safeguard your house from incidents rather than to be sorry later on.

With that, PCE Build provides a safe and sound outcome for their projects and you should check their portfolio to witness the quality of their works.

Renovation Permit

It’s not enough knowing the ins and outs of a newly-purchased house. Rather, be as sensitive as possible with your environment before the first days of renovation. There are guidelines to follow in the application for a renovation permit.

Renovation for Singapore HDB requires a permit according to what type of renovation you’ll be doing. If the workload consists of major areas to be affected, a permit is required as follows:

  • Digging and cracking floor and walls
  • Windows replacement
  • Plumbing works
  • Renovation Cost

    Once you have identified the necessary reno works, they should fit the budget you allotted. During the process, you may be needing to set aside extra money because of some unforeseen events. There might be changes in plans that will highly affect your budget. However, you can prevent getting shortages if your first cost estimate is beyond what’s expected.

    Consult PCE Build now!

    Renovation is like building a house by giving it a fresher look. While it’s crucial to decide what’s needed for a renovation, as long as you are guided through by home builders and you have a clear vision, everything will go as planned. Take this journey with PCE Build because your dream house awaits!


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