What To Consider In Designing Your House Wiring?

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What To Consider In Designing Your House Wiring?

Once you have decided on venturing into the world of home design, you have to consider everything from the wall material and finishing, to the wires underneath. And with wires, doing your electrical wiring and cable installation is a meticulous yet rewarding task. Electrical design should be considered throughout the design process, and not an individual or after-construction plan.

If designing electrical cables and wires sounds tedious already, there are professionals who offer their services. But before consulting them, try to read some of these tips and be cautious of some mistakes on electrical wirings and cable installation.

Complete Building Laws and Requirements

You should always check the building codes around your area since building regulations are changing in every region of Singapore. Dealing with the documents and paperwork is part of the job, especially for construction groups.

PCE Build serves to obtain any authorities’ approval and planning permissions. If you plan to acquire their services, it would be pretty convenient while you can focus more on your vision and design.

Self-made Designer

No one knows your house more than you. Always ask a professional with the standards and technical work to build your design . You can help save money by adding the basic lighting systems and knowing that all packages are clean and brand new.

While with home makeovers, you can incorporate your design with the existing electrical setup. If you change a lighting fixture, you can dismount the old one and tap the new one in. Small changes can improve your house in drastic measures.

No to Lose Wires

Do not let any loose ends peek out of your ceilings or walls. It is not safe for wires to be loose and open to people. It is not practical in the long run, but it can save you from electrical problems, numerous repairs, damage charges and accidents.

Wire connections should use wire nuts, twisted together but not wrapped with each other

Be Aware of Placing Electrical Boxes

Electrical boxes should not be fixed or recessed on combustible wall surfaces. Wood is the most common one that can catch fire easily after a slight spark in the wires. Be aware of the surfaces that are usually exposed to heat or areas that can lead to wire sparks.

Place your electrical boxesflush-mounted on the wall. Make sure it is sealed and can’t attract anything to cause it to spark.

Don’t Leave a Wire Too Short

Always leave a long strip of about three inches of wire sticking out of the switches and outlets. It is not easy to tag and pull wires when they are cut too short. Shorter wires may lead to wrong terminations and will not be easy to handle later on.

But if you have a short-cut wire, you can use connectors such as crimped extensions to screw them tightly in.

Electrical Check-up

Tips and cautions are suggestions and friendly reminders to make a simple checklist. Thus, with the professional service of PCE Build, you get a great electrical design for a safer and more comfortable living.


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