Tips for mini-renovation for your house in Singapore

Wednesday, 28th march, 2022| Tags: building, landed

Tips for mini-renovation for your house in Singapore

Looking at your house right now may not be as attractive as before. Aside from the exterior design, some of the wiring and piping connections are not already in good condition. You might think that it’s difficult to personalize your own space at home because of a tight budget. But regardless of that situation, you can now do a Mini-renovation for your house that you will live with for the next five to ten years.

Before all else, let’s proceed with the simple yet effective tips for your mini-renovation.

Choose specific areas to renovate

The cost of renovating a house can go up to $140,000 whether you’re looking to stay in an HDB flat, a landed house , or a condominium. It doesn’t stop there because you still need to assess if the property is suitable for a total renovation or an extension.

The first things that made you decide on a small reno are the unutilized portions of your house. As you can observe from other residences in Singapore, these have exceptional designs that make spaces for storage and built-in furniture without too much fuzz in all corners. Here’s a list that you can check before starting your renovation:

  • Living room
  • Bedroom
  • Kitchen
  • Dining area
  • Bathroom
  • Garage
  • Define your interior design

    Remodelling some spaces in your house is exciting because it feels like there is always a need for us to get a refreshed environment. You can start by visualizing the vibrance and the colour of your walls. After that, make tweaks to your floor plan to get a better view inside the house (e.g. connecting the dining and the living room by building a small bar or an island).

    If you’re working from home and it seems that you still have enough space in your bedroom or living room, set up a home office where you can freely think and concentrate. Another design that you must consider is the placement of your windows to get natural light. Or, you will need to have better lighting fixtures that will maintain the warmth of your house.

    Upgrade your home accessories

    It won’t be easy to let go of some idle pieces of stuff because they hold value. However, if you’re doing a simple makeover, you need to balance all the design elements. Reorganize your things by using cabinets or buy multipurpose basket storage. Make your house look spacious through vanity mirrors, accent walls, and multifunctional furniture.

    Recreate your floor type

    Singapore houses have various flooring types. But, be sure that you know what you need without contradicting the interior design. Although it requires a big amount of time to design them, your floor must be built with durable materials..

    Consult a contractor

    Whether you’re planning to build a new home or preparing for a small home makeover, you must always get recommendations from contractors. Just like the design and building services of PCE Build, you get ideas and information to promote safety for your home remodelling. They will give the best solutions to your designs with their highly-skilled builders..

    Level up with PCE Build!

    A mini-house renovation requires appropriate measures to make your newer house last longer. Therefore, always conform your lifestyle to your decision in having a small rework project for your home. With PCE Build, , your design becomes an output of style.