Should you invest in a landed property in Singapore?

Wednesday, Jan 12, 2022| Tags: construction, landed

Should you invest in a landed property in Singapore?

Singapore is known for its stunning architecture for both tourism and residence. It matches the lifestyle of every Singaporean that speaks about how culture has shaped them into successful individuals. There is something to be proud of when achieving a goal and this dream could be possible when investing in a landed property in Singapore.

If you are yet to look for landed properties in Singapore and Rebuilding your Landed Properties in Singapore, here is a guide that you can refer to before getting yourself into this venture.

Why choose a landed property in Singapore?

In real estate, landed property is a dwelling home standing on land and complies with particular rules for both private and the government. In Singapore, home builders follow designs from the perspective of the owners who can translate their status into what their future home will look like.

Choosing to live in a landed property meets the convenience of a Singaporean life. But of course, even though most factors will affect your decisions in real estate and home building, money always matter. So, what should you do when it comes to your finances?

  • Determine where you want to build the house and the plot area you are willing to occupy.
  • Consult real estate agencies and mortgage experts to help you alot a budget for the house construction or renovation.
  • Research on the market behaviour and transactions coming from landed homes.
  • Take time to compare prices of landed properties based on the cost of living in a particular area in Singapore.
  • Choose the type of landed property to buy.
  • The good thing about this field is that there are different types of landed properties that you can choose from:

    Detached housing

    If you want to enjoy a personal space go for a detached housing - bungalow and good class bungalow because your occupancy does not interfere with other portions of your purchased lot. Though the price is quite expensive, you still gain a bigger and wider lot area ranging from 400 to 1,400 square meters.

    Semi-detached housing

    Another type of landed property is the semi-detached housing wherein you have a common wall between you and an existing house. The lot size is smaller at around 200 square meters. However, the means of ownership is through a stata title deed because the land is divided to owners who will be using a portion of it.

    Terraced housing

    There are also rows of houses that you can see in most parts of Singapore which are considered as landed properties. These are called terraced houses and are budget-friendly as you will not bother too much on maintenance costs. Before the construction of these landed properties, they must adhere to minimum requirements first and foremost.


    Your dream of having a nice and safe home in Singapore can be found in landed properties. Aside from being free from hectic papers you will enjoy the perks of living in a well and stable neighborhood. At the end of the day, you will always choose what’s best for you and your future family. PCE Build is at your service to fill your home with strong foundation and longlasting serendipity.