Can You Make Adjustments To Your Existing Floor Plan?

Monday, 18th July, 2022| Tags: Existing Floor Plan

Can You Make Adjustments To Your Existing Floor Plan?

In Singapore, there are certain requirements to comply with that should be available for your contractor. Process your applications to the Fire Safety and Shelter Department and the Building and Construction Authority for a smooth sailing project. Here are some ways to make adjustments to your existing floor plan.

Demolishing and Raising Walls

Demolishing walls to connect spaces creates a room with bigger square footage. Raise walls to divide the space to make more rooms for different uses. Home builders like PCE Build get this adding and alternation job done. Not only will they carry the hard work, but they can also complete the requirements mentioned earlier.

Demolishing and raising walls will be the adjustments you create to your existing floor plan that requires services from professionals. It saves time, work, cleaning, designing, and cost of materials.

Make Use of the Attic

Turn your attic space into something liveable. Attics are usually storage space because it is not the usual room to go to and it is not just a walk-by in the hall. It will not be hard to advise your contractor about modifying your attic room but it might just cost you.

Attics are great spaces to open for a higher ceiling and create a wider room space. Attics can also be opened above for an extra dining al fresco by designing a deck replacing your attic.

Altering the Ceiling Height

Standards suggest an 8-foot high ceiling for a house. There are different ways to alternate your ceiling height properly. You can choose to lower the height through a false ceiling and other types of ceiling designs that can be presented to you.

Moving Window and Door Placement

Doors can be decided whether it opens outward or inward. It can also be permanently closed and blocked depending on how you create your rooms. Windows are only restricted when the change modifies the design and overall look of the plan and design.

It is more likely that you can add or alter windows and doors while the place is under construction. It is safer and easier since all major changes must be approved in the plans.

Changing the Plumbing and Wiring Around

Electrical and plumbing should be noted on the plans. It is better to incorporate the changes so the needed connections can be installed within the walls for a clean wall without raceways.

More Additional and Alteration Tips

Adjustments are possible for your house but it is limited. It is important to finish all your documents and that the design is checked and approved by contractors and designers. It is in the best interest to put your safety as a priority before the beautification of your house. But with the right people, you can achieve both under safety and within your budget.