5 Tips To Make Your Home Space Look Bigger

Monday, 18th July, 2022| Tags: building, landed

5 Tips To Make Your Home Space Look Bigger

Do you feel a squeezing entrance on your front door? Are your things jam-packed and have you started losing a breathing room? May it’s time you need a bigger space and kickstart a modern house design.

Lots of options are within reach including heights of ceilings, interior wall design, illumination, and some window adjustments. Flats and landed properties in Singapore can be a field of reference. Here are what you can do to make your space bigger.

Simplify your colour palette

Colours are a very important feature in your Interior House Design. It doesn’t mean that when you want a bigger space you will limit your colour selection. You need to use them wisely as each colour has a different feel.

Use floor designs that reflect lights and do glossy paints on the ceilings. Say no to heavy curtains to reduce fabric and to balance contrast. The simpler the colours you choose, the easier you achieve a spacious home.

Create an open concept home design

Most house plans nowadays are evolving with an Open Concept Design. This is done when a divider or partition walls are taken down to create a large space. Glass walls are also used to enable an open view of two separated home spaces.

Consider a living room and a dining space or a kitchen distinguished by an island. It does not only give a bigger look but also improves communication among the homeowners.

Correct choice and placement of furniture

Home improvement retail shops are a great help in achieving a modern home with a minimalistic perspective. It is advantageous in setting the space for particular furniture that you will frequently use making sure that everything is within your reach.

Don’t waste space with a large couch especially if you’re a family of three to four. Mirrors are experts in illusion for aiming a bigger space. Place them along hallways or let them be part of the living room as they reflect the corners of the room.

Materialize built-in storages

Sometimes when we have so many pieces of stuff at home, it affects our physical and mental health. Decluttering is not bad and it’s much more relieving if there is built-in or designed storage.

Floor-to-ceiling shelves, foldable tables, storage boxes or bags, and other vertical spaces get the most functions for storable. Invest in the right storage ideas and your home will be more resounding.

Always stay natural

Nothing can go wrong with a touch of natural elements. Sunlight is the best source of lighting making it cosier as it travels through your blinds. So, avoid total black-out curtains.

This also saves electricity and above all, takes the stress away. Also, get some indoor plants to connect with nature all day.

Keep it simple!

A modern home does not need too many details and fuzzy designs especially if you lack space. Simplicity is beauty as they and yes, it’s the best tip you want to start with. So, take these tips at home and get the best renovation from PCE Build, the best home builders and landed rebuild contractors in Singapore.