5 factors that delay your home renovation

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5 factors that delay your home renovation

Home Renovation consumes time and it can be pretty messy but if your home looks pretty then your hire a professional contractor now we offer SG the best-landed contractor. But you must understand that home renovation are improvement of comfort in your own four corners or any fixing that is necessary for your family’s abode.

Homeowners upgrade their houses to improve their value for future sale prices in Singapore. But, these changes come with minor or major setbacks. Understanding the problem helps find a way to dodge unexpected outcomes. So, here are 5 factors that delay your home renovation.

Changing Design Delays

To begin the renovation, you have to envision your space and these visions are to be interpreted on paper by architects and engineers to be understood in the process.

Designers revise their plans from time to time depending on the actual condition which may cost you more than your initial budget. Designs from PCE Build are fit for every home renovation because their designers are trusted and passionate about what they do.

Climate Change

Some factors cannot be controlled by either your house, contractors, or yourself. The weather may come to be the cause of delay to any home renovation when it starts pouring and you can’t dry the cement quick enough to harden.

They affect the schedule and may restrain how the renovation will look after construction. You can plan and schedule the renovation during the dry season to avoid such delays.

DIY Delays

It is your home after all, and researching renovation on DIY channels and videos with instructions should be easy to follow. Renovation can be tedious and you can’t help yourself but think, “I should just do it myself.”

Home renovations on the TV show only share the fast-forwarded version of the process. Try to sit back and relax and let your home contractors do what they do best. And when there is more time, you can add your own style.

Allowances and Estimates

Planning comes with budgeting and that is by estimating the cost of the project. Allowances are an inevitable part of any construction work and any adjustments to your renovations will be safeguarded.

Estimating is very important when you need a concrete budget to start the project. The work begins when the budget is ready even if it is based on estimation. This would at least help you save time and money.

Contractor Delays

Scheduling is taking note of the weather, the availability of the space, and the contractors’ time. We would like to think that contractors are at our disposal but more often than not, we have to adjust to their scheduling.

Delays from contractors’ miscommunication of schedules will mean you have not settled a time and place for them to agree with your project’s deadline.

Delay of Materials

Importing materials is always an option for all home renovations but no work can proceed unless you have all your Importing materials is always an option for all home renovations but no work can proceed unless you have all your home builders, engineers, and materials in place., engineers, and materials in place.

Delays from shipping will cost you and everyone’s time. To be able to avoid such nuisance, you should contact your suppliers ahead of time. Better yet, drive to their stores and purchase the materials that they already have.


Homes are meant to provide comfort and even luxury. Whether you feel the need to fix a hole or the drain, the simplest of tasks are also renovations. Everything around your house changes and so can your home. What makes a renovation most exciting and interesting is that you can create again.


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